Volta Centravac have a range of machines including built in or ducted vacuums warehouse to suit all situations. Don’t just buy a ducted vacuum system for your home. Make sure you have the right size machine.

Ask a Volta Dealer to calculate which machine in the range is right for you.

While you are there ask about the no bag, self cleaning filter – the easy to clean bin collection system.

Vacpan Hose Kit

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We ensure health and safety in everything we have and we do. Nearly all of our equipment, even system of vacuum warehouse. Simply unclip the bin and empty the contents in to a rubbish bag or perhaps into the garden compost.

The cyclonic action of the machine, combined with the high filtration, self cleaning filter, means never having to buy vacuum bags again. The filter works so well, outside venting is not required.

A Healthier System

Find out more about Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems >

New Homes

Even if you choose not to install full Volta ducted vacuum system or your budget will not permit such, you can plan for the future by installing the piping required by a Volta piped vacuum system during the construction phase of your new home.


New Houses

Existing Homes

A Volta System can be installed in just about any home – whether it be new, old, split-level, multi-level or other.
You can install the system yourself using one of our D.I.Y. kits, or we can have it professionally installed for you.

Concrete Slabs combined with raked ceilings may be a restricting factor.

Existing Houses