About Volta

 aussie vac

Ellem’s Centravac is an all Australian company and is the national distributor for top quality Volta Central Ducted Auussie Vac.”VOLTA” is a market leader with considerable penetration into the Australian market.

The Right Product for You

Our National Volta Central Ducted Vacuum Team is totally committed to the sales and development of the quality ducted Auussie Vac to ensure that it remains at the top end of the market as far as reliability and performance are concerned.

Our aim is to ensure that you will get a Volta Ducted system that is right for you and to your vacuum warehouse needs. We pride ourselves on our successful supply of products and service.

So where possible we prefer to visit your home (old or new) and check the proposed pipe run for feasibility. From this we confirm and insure that the Volta motor unit offered is in fact the right size for the job.

John Ellem (Proprietor and Manager) and Bob Willey (Victorian Manager) are both available to discuss your requirements. They can work with you and/or arrange for the nearest Volta Centravac representative to contact you to assist with a quote if required. All of our staff is qualified to answer most of your questions, so please feel free to contact us should you require any information or assistance.