How Good is a Volta Ducted System at Cleaning and Helping Allergy Sufferers?

With Volta’s cyclonic bin system and self cleaning filter there is no loss of air flow. The unit will therefore give maximum cleaning at all times. All dust and debris (100%) is completely removed from the living area to the motor unit. Central ducted vacuum systems are recommended by the Asthma Foundations because they allow for complete and easy dust removal.

Laboratory tests prove a Volta Ducted System reduces allergy symptoms: Nasal 47%, Non Nasal 48%, Eye 61% and Sleep 44%. Study results were published in an article entitled “The Influence of a Central Vacuum System on Quality of Life in Patients with House Dust-Associated Allergic Rhinitis”, which appeared in the Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology. The study was conducted under the auspices of Stanley M. Naguwa, M.D., and M. Eric Gershwin, M.D., both of the Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, University of California at Davis School of Medicine, Davis, CA, USA.

How Does a Volta Ducted Cleaning System Work?

The power unit of the Volta ducted systems is typically located away from the living areas, usually in a garage, which minimises noise. The vacuum system is accessed through wall inlets that have been placed in appropriate locations thoughout the home. The system is activated by either inserting the hose into one of the inlets, or (in the case of our EVD hose kit) by the flick of a switch. All of the dust and debris are collected in a bin on the motor unit.

What Kind of Things Can It Pick Up?

The U3500, which uses a bag, can collect all objects that portable vacuums are capable of picking up. The larger models (U285, U720, U730, U740, U750) can pick up larger and heavier objects because they are deposited in a bin (ie, there is no bag that could be potentially torn or ripped). The system cannot be used for wet applications.

How Often Does the Unit Need to Be Emptied?

The bin will need to be emptied between three to five times a year depending on the size of the house. The bin can be emptied more frequently if one chooses.

How Often Will I Have to Replace the Filter?

The filter in the Volta Ducted Cleaning Systems is constructed from static-free Microtecon Gortex. The filter is extremely efficient, but best of all, it is self cleaning and maintenance free! This means that the filter will never have to be replaced.

How Long Will The Unit Last?

Under normal use, the unit is designed to last up to 25 years! Although this will vary depending on the model chosen. The pipe work should last the life time of the Dwelling.

How Noisy is the Volta Ducted System?

Volta is significantly quieter than conventional portable vacuum cleaners. This is achieved due to the positioning of the motor in a remote location – ie, in a garage, basement, etc. In addition, the Volta Units are specifically engineered to make a minimal amount of noise. All units are fitted with an internal noise reduction kit to reduce motor noise and vibration. In addition to this, a sound reducing muffler is included with all units using the tangential motors, which reduces air flow noise from the exhaust vent. The nett result is virtually no noise in the home when vacuuming, and a noise level equivalent to a portable vacuum at the motor.

Is a Ducted Cleaning System Expensive?

The entire Volta ducted cleaning system costs a lot less than you would think – with a complete quality system starting as low as $695! Another benefit of installing a Volta Ducted Cleaning System is that it will add resale value to your home.

Can a Volta System Be Installed in an Existing Home?

Yes! A Volta System can be installed in just about any home – whether it be new, old, split-level, multi-level or other. You can install the system yourself using one of our D.I.Y. kits, or we can have it professionally installed for you. Concrete Slabs combined with raked ceilings may be a restricting factor.

How Much Would the System Cost To Install?

The cost of installation is determined by the square metreage of the premesis and by the number of inlets required – an average home requiring only 3 inlets. For an indication of overall costs and an estimated quote, please click here. All materials are provided by Volta with the overall package.

How Many Inlets Will I Need?

The Volta hoses are capable of a cleaning radius of approximately 9 meters. Sufficient inlets are required to enable the System to clean every part of the house. The average home will require no more than three inlets! In addition to the inlets in the home, the Volta Cleaning Unit also has a utility inlet for cleaning jobs in the area the unit is mounted. (Particularly useful for vacuuming cars if the unit is located in the garage!)

How is the Performance Affected by Distance from the Motor?

Distance though our system is not a factor – the amount of suction will remain relatively constant throughout. We offer a number of different models with varying amounts of power to cater for any installation size. And no matter which model you choose, a Volta unit is much more powerful than an ordinary vacuum.

But what Happens if it Gets Clogged?

There is virtually no risk of objects clogging the system, for the following reasons: 1. The inlet system is designed for smooth joins and connections, so there is nothing for an object to get caught on. 2. The only sharp angled connection is a 90 deg. elbow behind the inlet. If a blockage were to occur here it is easily cleaned by hand. All other angles are gradual, minimising the chance of blockages. 3. The hose is 35mm in diameter – smaller then the piping and connections. This means that if a blockage was to occur, chances are that it would be in the hose or straight rod.

What About Repairs and Maintenance?

The entire Volta Ducted Cleaning System is designed to be completely maintenance-free. The filter is permanent and self-cleaning. The large size of the collection bins means that they will not need to be emptied very often. However, if service is needed, friendly trained staff are always available to help you in any way they can.

Is the Hose Heavy?

The Volta hoses are extremely lightweight – and, in addition, they are crush-proof. This means that if you step on, kink or twist the hose it will return to its normal shape! With no heavy motor to drag along with you, and the lightweight hose you’ll find vacuuming with a Volta Ducted System easier than ever.