Planning Your System

Planning the system

The following information will help you decide what you need for your Volta Ducted Vacuum System. Should you have any queries or require any further information please feel free to contact us.

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Step 1: How Many Inlets Will I Need?
Step 2: How many metres of PVC pipe do I need?
Step 3: Choosing the right Volta Central Ducted Vacuum Machine
Step 4: Choosing the right Accessories

Step 1: How Many Inlets Will I Need?

The Volta hoses are capable of a cleaning radius of approximately 9 meters. Sufficient inlets will be required to enable the ducted vacuum system to reach and clean every part of the house. The average home will require no more than three inlets! In addition to the inlets in the home, the Volta Ducted Vacuum System Cleaning Unit also has a utility inlet for cleaning jobs in the area the unit is mounted. (This is particularly useful for vacuuming cars if the unit is located in the garage!)

Step 2: How many meters of PVC pipe do I need?

Choose where you will be locating the Volta Ducted Vacuum Machine and measure the distance to the first inlet point. Then the distance to the second inlet point from the first and so on until you know the total length of the PVC pipe required. The layout using the least amount of bends and tubing should be used. It is usually easier to install the pipe under the house if there is enough space to crawl along. Otherwise run the piping up into the ceiling and across and down to the inlet points. In some cases where the construction type is concrete and brick, the pipe is best pre-laid in the sand prior to the slab being poured.

Step 3: Choosing the right Volta Ducted Vacuum Machine.

Distance though our system is not a factor – the amount of suction will remain relatively constant throughout. Volta Centravac offer a number of different models with varying amounts of power to cater for any installation size. And no matter which model you choose, a Volta ducted vacuuming unit is much more powerful than an ordinary vacuum.

What Machine Should I choose?

All you need to do is select the machine that will perform efficiently over the length of PVC pipe in the installation.

Length of Pipe Number of Inlets Serenity Model Goretex Cleanstream Filter
Up to 36 metres 1 – 4 U3500, U285 or U720 Bag (U3500) or Filter (all others)
36 – 55 metres 3 – 5 U720 Yes, both
55 – 80 metres 5 – 8 U730 and U740 Yes, both
80 – 120 metres 8 to 11 U740 Yes
110 – 150 metres 10 – 15 U750 Yes

Step 4: Choosing the right Accessories

  1. The Standard Combination Head (German)
    This is a quality head suitable for all types of floor surfaces.
  2. Turbinette
    With any carpet the beating effect of the turbo brush lifts and grooms the pile, removing any stubborn pieces of hair, fluff and dirt etc. This improves the overall cleaning of the carpet. Not suitable for hard floors.
  3. Deluxe Floor Head
    Ideally suited to long pile carpets. Also an excellent head for very dense and short pile carpet, enabling easy movement of the head.
  4. Hard Floor Brush
    These floor heads are designed to improve the cleaning efficiency of any hard floor. They consist of two rows of soft bristle and no metal sole plate, thus minimising any chance of scratching the floors surface. There are two common sizes – 30 and 34 cm. For larger open plan areas, choose the larger.
  5. Hose Sock
    This is a fabric covering (sock) for the hose. It will minimise marking the floor and adds protection for the furniture and plaster wall corners.
  6. Garage Car Kit
    Suitable for car cleaning (confined spaces) and includes a rubber crevice tool to minimise scratching. Saves taking the clean house hose kit out into the dusty Garage to clean the car.
  7. Rug Rat
    A compact small beating brush ideal for carpeted stairs.
  8. Low Voltage Switched Hoses
    Generally only of little convenience, these hoses have an on/off control built into the hand piece.
  9. Vac Pan
    One of the greatest advances for many years in relation to daily cleaning chores. They are an inlet that you sweep to instead of inserting the hose to.