Why Volta


  • Volta provides up to three to four times the suction power of an ordinary vacuum cleaner. This is made possible by its specially designed motor, which is housed inside the fixed power unit.
  • Powerful and Very Quiet Motor Units. Only 58 to 63dB! Volta Centravac ducted vacuuming power units have been designed with minimal motor noise being a major feature.
  • We uses the new airwatt or tangential bypass motors for long life and reliability in all ducted vacuum systems.
  • Volta use a floating filter to ensure that it works like new every time.


vacuum warehouse
  • Easy to use – just plug in the lightweight user friendly hose and start cleaning. No heavy cleaner to pull around!
  • Makes vacuuming stairs a simple process!
  • All of the Volta vacuum warehouse can be installed by professional installers or with a Do It Yourself Kit.


volta vacuum warehouse
  • Superior quality and reliability for your vacuum warehouse.
  • A range of machines and hose kits to suit all applications. Additionally, our hoses are light weight and crush protected.
  • Peak performance for life.
  • The Volta power units are all covered by a 5 Year Warranty!


  • Healthy – ALL (100%!) of the dust and debris is removed from the living area when using a Aussie Vac ducted vacuum. Fantastic for asthmatics!
  • Self Cleaning Filter by Goretex – no need to clean, meaning that maximum power is always available.
  • The filtration of the Volta ducted vacuuming system is less than 1 micron – exceptionally clean!

Volta ducted is a revolutionary vacuuming system that is incredibly easy to use, highly efficient and powerful. The hose easily rolls up and rotates around every nook and cranny of your property. What’s more impressive about this system is that it cleans to its best without making any noise and also has great suction power. Whether you want to clean your upper staircase, garage or warehouse, Volta ducted vacuum is your go to cleaning solution.

If you’re up to buying a ducted system for your business or for your home, please feel free to visit our website or call us at – 03-9555-9411.